Unfortunately due to a few bad experiences when it comes to pencil bookings I’ve learned to be firm with my policy on bookings. I’ll be needing 30% down payment for all bookings, so I can reserve the date for your event. This would be for the benefit  of the makeup artist and other clients who would like to book the same date as others.

For both our sakes YES!

In the event that you’ve already placed a booking with me for your wedding, the trial hair and makeup session is the best time for us to explore different avenues regarding distinctive looks for your wedding day. This is likewise the best time for me to become more acquainted with you personally and with your own taste in style.

On the off chance that you haven’t booked with me yet, at that point you can use this opportunity to check whether my style truly is what you’re going for.

I’ve had customers however who didn’t have a preliminary session and it turned out fine. They’re generally ladies who just don’t have room schedule-wise for it. Some were sufficiently sure to not have one, since they have already seen my wedding makeup portfolio.

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